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IIITB Innovation Centre

A Decade of Sustained Impact

We collaborate with exceptional researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, users, communities to co-create knowledge and socially-relevant solutions using digital technologies, for a wide range of social needs. Our portfolio of solutions and startups help us, our communities and our governments.


Prof. Sadagopan helped establish the International Institute of Information Technology, a Deemed University, popularly known as IIITB. The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointly by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry. It was established in 1999 with a vision to contribute to the IT world by focusing on education and research, entrepreneurship and innovation. During this time, startups set up their offices on campus in order to benefit from the excellent infrastructure and creative ambience.


Prof. Rajagopalan later joined Prof. Sadagopan in establishing the IIITB Innovation Centre. Hosted within IIITB Campus in Bangalore’s Electronics City, IIITB Innovation Centre is a hub for ICT4D research, innovation & entrepreneurship.


D V Jagadish became the first CEO of the Innovation Centre in 2012. By 2014, Innovation Centre had nurtured around 20+ start-ups and had invested in 7 startups (utilizing the grants received under the TIDE scheme of Government of India).

Prof. Ramesh Sundararaman joined Jagadish’s team in 2014 to launch a civic-tech focused initiative named IMACX (IOT to Mobility Apps for Community Excellence),


As part of the IMACX Initiative, early 2015, a startup Accelerator was launched to help civic-tech start-ups that focus on building socially-relevant solutions targeting healthcare, education, transportation, energy, governance and culture. It was a zero-fee, zero-equity, cohort-based, 100-day early-stage accelerator program. Taking into account the strengths of IIITB community, beginning 2017, IMACX also started facilitating Research-led collaborative, social innovations. IMACX ended in July 2020.

2021 -Till Date

TIDE 2.0

Our mission is to bring social and environmental change to the world through research, education, and experiential learning. We strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

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