Speed up 2.0

IIITB Innovation Center

Our incubator matches quality seeds with the best soil for sprouting and growth – We help unlocking your true potential and growing your business models


SpeedUp 2.0 Programme

A Purpose + Discover (Opportunity + Onboarding)    3-6 Months 
B Pilot (MVP) + Create Solution 3-6 Months  
Refinement based on Feedback from Pilot 3 Months 
Early Customers + Iterative Changes + Launch 3-6 Months
Total A + B
Customers, Revenue Product / Market Fit 12-18 Months
(Pre-Seed Fund Stage to be reached)
Additionally if start-up Shows Promise 
Iterative Changes + Perfect Product Market Fit in  6-12 Months
(Seed to be reached)
Total Duration  2 Years Max.

For profit-making companies, they should reach scale, while public-good companies should look at level of acceptance by their audiences.

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